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Review Penis Enlargement Pills Used With Size-Genetics

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The next time you’re at a party and there’s a lull in the conversation rather than trying to fill the gap with your knowledge of sports statistics sitcom trivia or movie tidbits wow your listeners with this amazing array of info on everyone’s favorite subject: SEX!

Mighty Mr. Willie


There’s a great variety in the size of flaccid penises but there’s less difference when they’re hard because smaller penises enlarge more during erection. The average length for a fully erect penis is 15 cm (about 5 ¾’). Ninety percent of mans pleasure poles measure between 13 and 18 cm (5 – 7′).

Records for the shortest and longest fully functional penis are a tiny 1.5 cm and a whopping 30 cm!

If you feel the need to see how you measure up first get an erection then while standing angle your penis straight out from your body. Extend a ruler from your pubic bone just above the base of your penis out to its tip and count the inches.

Helping Him Grow

Because there are no muscles in the penis that affect size exercise doesn’t do anything to make your penis bigger. There are techniques for enlargement but they involve serious surgery and can have very unpleasant side effects or complications. No matter what the advertisements say no creams or ointments will help him grow at all


Concerned about the way your equipment stands? There’s no need to be 25% of all penises bend in some direction. Even when erect some bend downward.

Sperm Production

Several hundred million sperm are produced daily by a healthy fertile man. On ejaculation between 5 to 15 ml (1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon) of semen is released containing about 300 million sperm.

Ejaculation Spasms

When a man climaxes the muscles at the base of his penis contract approximately every 0.8 seconds expelling semen in up to 5 exquisite spurts.

The Male ‘G-spot’

In addition to their penises men have other highly erotic parts of their bodies. One is the male ‘g-spot’ or more accurately ‘p-spot’ – for prostate gland. Stimulation of this spot either externally through the perineum the skin between your anus and testicles or internally through the anus can result in extremely pleasurable sensation including orgasm.

‘Blue Balls’

The medical term for blue balls is epididymitis an inflammation of the epididymis which is in the scrotal sac and where sperm mature. In simple terms blue balls occurs when the epididymis get blocked up with sperm that have left the testis but not the penis. The vas deferons are the conduit for the sperm from the testis to the urethra. When they get blocked you get pain. You can usually relieve this by ejaculating.

The Honey Pot

Women’s vaginas average between 8 – 10 cm in length about 3 – 4 inches. This expands during intercourse. Including her clitoris vaginal lips and internal spongy tissue a woman has just about as much erectile tissue as a man but most of it is inside her body.

Women and Orgasm

At least 70% of women don’t reach an orgasmic climax through intercourse alone so remember to pay lots of loving attention to her most sensitive genital spot – the clitoris.

Female Ejaculation

During stimulation of the ‘G-spot’ a small area on the upper inside of the vaginal wall about 1 ½ to 2 inches back from the vaginal opening some women ejaculate through the urethra. One to two ounces of clear odourless fluid are expelled in a glorious gush.

Baby Making

At birth a woman’s ovaries contain up to 2 million immature eggs. After the onset of menstruation 1 egg matures every month and is released into the vagina just waiting for those millions of sperm to come fertilize it! Sperm can survive in the vagina for 3 to 5 days.

Anal sex and pregnancy

Because sperm can’t travel internally from the rectum to the vagina technically it’s not possible to become pregnant through anal sex. But beware after intercourse semen can leak from the anus and drip down to the vagina resulting in ‘splash’ conception. Of those who use anal sex for birth control every year 8% end up pregnant!

Bodacious Breasts

Small large round pointy no matter what their shape men just seem to love women’s breasts. Mammies are as diverse as the women they sit so prettily on but here’s some general guidelines:

o It’s perfectly normal for a woman to have breasts that are different sizes just as her hands and feet differ slightly in size.

o When a woman is aroused her breasts swell by up to 25% and her nipples may become very hard.

o Many women have hair around their nipples.

o About 10 percent of women have inverted nipples.

o Breasts are mostly fatty tissue which isn’t very sensitive to caresses and kisses. However because the nipple itself and the area surrounding it (the aureola) are full of nerve endings they’re very sensitive to touch.

o Men also have many sensitive nerve endings in their nipples and can become very excited by nipple kisses sucks and twirls.

‘Doing It’

How Often?

According to surveys by condom company Durex the worldwide average for making love is 106 times per year. Canadians fit right in with the ‘norm’ hitting the sheets at an annual rate of 105 times or about twice a week. That puts us behind the French – 141 Americans – 138 Russians – 131 Australians Brits and Germans – all at 112 and the South Africans and Poles – 109. But ahead of Mexico – 102 Italy – 92 Spain – 82 Thailand – 80 and Hong Kong – 57.

Every day lovemaking occurs about 120 million times around the world resulting in 910000 pregnancies.

Saturday night is the favorite time for Canadians to have sex and most North Americans do it at 10:34 pm.

How Long?

What Canadians lack in frequency we make up in stamina. With an average lovemaking time of 22.7 minutes we place second behind the Americans who carry on for 28.1 minutes. Of that time thrusting intercourse lasts between 6 to 10 minutes.For most Canadian couples foreplay lasts an average of 12 minutes

All By Yourself

95% of men masturbate compared to 70% of women.

First Time Sex


Young Canadians start having sex slightly earlier than most. While the global average at which sexually active 16-21 year olds first had sex is 15.9 years Canadians jumped in at an even 15 years. First Time Satisfaction

While we might be starting younger we may be enjoying it less. 37% of young Canadians indicate that first time sex was more disappointing than they expected while only 19% indicated it was much better than they’d hoped.

First Time Protection

74% of young Canadian lovers used some form of contraception the first time they had sex. While 58% used condoms and 16% used other methods a much too large 26% didn’t use any type of protection!

Was it Good for You?

On the whole young Canadians are fairly generous lovers with 64% of women and 65% of men putting their partner’s sexual satisfaction before their own.

Sexual Fears

Not surprisingly the top two fears related to sexual activity for young Canadians are fear of unwanted pregnancy – 21% and fear of contracting HIV or other STDs – 44%. But despite these concerns more than one third say that fear of HIV has not changed their sex life.

Sexual Problems

Sexual Dysfunction

More than 40 percent of women and 30 percent of men suffer from some type of sexual difficulty such as no interest in sex inability to achieve orgasm painful intercourse or premature early ejaculation.

premature early ejaculation

About 25% of men come before they want to or before their partners want them to. For men under 40 premature early ejaculation is the most common sexual problem. The good news is that by strengthening their genital muscles with Kegel exercises and by practicing building up to a climax through masturbation and then stopping to rest and building up again and stopping to rest and building up again and so on… most men can learn to last much longer!

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Size Genetics Penis Enlarger – Total Review

Size-Genetics Penis Enlarger – Total Review

The idea that inspired SIZE GENETICS was formed as a result of a medical breakthrough 14 years ago and still the best way to grow a bigger penis in 2016A team of plastic surgeons discovered that, by promoting cell division, mechanical stretching aided post-operative tissue growth for patients who had undergone penis enlargement surgery.

traction device

A traction device was constructed to help prevent unwanted side effects and penile retraction following surgery, but clinical trials demonstrated that this same process of natural penis enlargement could be used on any man, whatever their starting penis size.

Jes Bech Muller, CEO and partner at DanaLife, part of a group that patented the device, set about developing a model for the commercial market. The product was launched in 1997, and became known as the ‘Jes-Extender’, which has since sold more than 250,000 units globally.

Fourteen years on, Dana Life’s wealth of experience, research and expertise sees them remain at the forefront of penis enlargement devices, as they launch their new and innovative generation of penile enlargers – the Male Edge series.

The body’s ability to grow has been utilized for aesthetic and medical purposes for thousands of years, and Male Edge uses this natural process to encourage penis enlargement.

The result of years of research and development, Male Edge uses a traction device that performs mechanical stretching to the penis, promoting natural cell division and causing tissue to multiply.

Fully adjustable, SIZE GENETICS can apply 1200 to 2800 grams of weight to the penis, controlling enlargement in both length and width. Harnessing the body’s propensity for growth, the process of cell division is entirely natural, and the penis tissue created is permanent.


Today, SIZE-GENETICS is a safe, painless penis enlarger that is easy to use, non-invasive and proven to work.

In a world where 55% of men are reportedly unhappy with their penis size, and in a society where it remains one of the last remaining taboos of male culture, the team at Male Edge believes that men are searching for a solution, but are often unclear where to find the answer. It’s a myth that penis enlargement is only for men who think their penis is too small – men with above average penis lengths also want more.

Two years ago, a study was carried out by surgeons at St Peter’s Andrology Center in London, which found that the majority of men who underwent penis enlargement surgery were unhappy with the results.

Experts were quick to comment. In a BBC news article Yo ram Verdi, of the Baryram Medical Center in Israel, said: “We now know that the majority of these patients are dissatisfied after these procedures. Research should be directed toward non-surgical options.”

Dana Life have done just that. During the past years, Dana Life’s own research and clinical trials have proven that with SIZE GENETICS, there is a non-surgical solution that can guarantee increase in penis length, and what’s more, it can be achieved at home. Male Edge works with a starting length that ranges from 2 inches to 11 inches, appealing to all men, whatever their penis size.

The medical team who designed SIZE_GENETICS work hard with men who can envisage what they want, but can’t see how to achieve it. Their company aim is to help men see through the mists of misinformation that can often obscure the way to self enhancement.

At best, spam emails promising larger penises through operations can leave men with unrealistic expectations, at their very worst, they result in men undergoing procedures that can ultimately cause physical harm.

The size-genetics belief is that a new approach to penis enlargement can only be attained through straight talking, and by open and honest communication. Dana Life has designed a product that provides a safe, affordable and totally reliable solution to the question of penis enlargement.

How Does Size Genetics  Work?

This enhancement device combines cutting edge technology with proven scientific theory, resulting in a penis enlarger that doesn’t just look good, but is simple to use and guaranteed to work. How? All the action is in the traction…

Here’s where it gets technical. size-genetics patented penis enlarger harnesses the body’s natural propensity for growth. Human skin has an incredible elastic capability. When the penis is under traction, cells divide and multiply and tissue increases.

Sounds painful? It isn’t. size genetics penis enlarger is safe, painless and non-invasive. Tissue expanded are commonly used in many types of reconstructive surgery and the medical profession widely recognizes the efficiency of traction to expand tissue.

Limbs and digits have been extended using tissue expanding devices, and for centuries tribal cultures have traditionally elongated body parts including their lips, necks, ear lobes, noses and penises using long-term traction.

But the very latest studies indicate that traction increases cellular division because of a clever bit of biology: traction suppresses an inhibitor in the body which attempts to stop cellular multiplication.

With Male Edge, traction is applied to the penis for an extended period of time, ensuring that the cells in the entire penis are increased. The vascular vessels, urethra, corpus cavernous and sponginess, cutaneous cover, muscle and fascicle are all subject to proliferation.

That’s all very well if you speak Latin, so let’s put it in layman’s terms: by expanding skin tissue using a unique traction mechanism,  stimulates cell growth resulting in a longer, thicker penis. 100% effective. One will say: “A bold claim”, but now it’s a proven fact.

Size-Genetics produces microscopic and macroscopic changes in the penis. These alterations are permanent. Once your penis is enlarged, it will stay that way.

The clinical trials have proven that all men who use size genetics and follow their training program have achieved an increase in penis length. Results showed a gain of 1.5 cm to 5 cm after just four months using the product.

And for men who have penile curvature, Size-genetics  has corrected the problem with a 50% to 90% degree of success. No other method of penis enlargement, whether surgical or mechanical, has achieved these kinds of results, either in lengthening the penis or in penis curvature correction.

In fact, their independent clinical trials have shown that Size-genetics produces an average 24% increase in penis length and 19% in penis girth.

Though inspired by a medical concept and supported by scientific evidence, Size-genetics products are far from clinical. Dana Life’s experts have designed the next generation of penis enlargement devices with both form and function in mind.

Beneath Male Edge’s lightweight, all-in-one and organic design lie a patented double traction system proven to yield results.Size-genetics  is easy to use, comfortable and discreet, without sacrificing performance.

And designed after years of scientific research and rigorous testing,  a piece of cutting edge technology that doesn’t sacrifice cost either. With prices being most competitive  penis enlargement with Size-genetics is not a big deal – it’s a great deal.