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Men have been fascinated with the idea of increasing their penis size for centuries, creating unique and ingenious methods for producing harder, larger erections…

From penis extenders which naturally stimulate cell production within your penis by creating traction, to penis enlargement exercises which have been proven to help strengthen and train your penis; penis enlargement has become increasingly desirable over the last few decades.

Fortunately, you can now have the best of both these worlds with the help of Phallosan. A certified Class 1 medical device, Phallosan is the world’s only patented vacuum protector system that can permanently increase your penis size by up to 1.9 inches in 6 months.

What is Phallosan?

Incorporating a similar technique to that seen during orthopedic surgery, the Phallosan device gently applies traction to your penis causing it to naturally stretch and stimulate cell development.

To use this device you will first need to apply the stretch condom over the head of your penis before rolling it down the shaft. Next the latex sleeve needs to be wrapped around the lower end of your penis to prevent air from entering the condom. Your penis is then inserted into a foam rubber-covered loop.

Once in the loop, the belt is wrapped around your hips and is secured by hooking together the pull-strings, before its clip is attached to the tubular extension of your condom – this helps to seal the opening at the top of the condom and prevents air from getting in. The pull strings are then loosened and the belt is fitted securely to your body. This tension now creates a vacuum within the stretch condom which gently stretches the penis.

Whil uni hi tost the application of this device may sound complicated from the description given above, it is not. Once applied, you can safely wear the Phallosan device beneath your clothing or whilst you sleep for up to 12 hours a day. All you need to remember is to switch the direction of the pull every 2 days to ensure equal stretching.



Benefits of using the Phallosan Device

Whilst some penis extenders can produce larger gains of up to 3 inches, we much prefer to use the Phallosan device.

100% side effect free and safe, this painless vacuum protector system can help you to naturally and permanently increase your penis size by 1.9 inches in length and 1 inch in girth without damaging blood vessels.

In fact, should you achieve an erection whilst wearing this device, the vacuum will naturally stretch and accommodate for this growth.

Similarly, this unique device includes the following benefits:

  • Anyone can use it – no matter your age or the size of your penis, the Phallosan device securely holds your penis in place.
  • No pain or discomfort – whilst some penis stretching devices can cause intense pain to the penis because of the loop, the micro-vacuum created by the Phallosan device can securely keep your penis within the loop without applying unnecessary pressure.
  • Class 1 medical device – categorized as a Class 1 Medical product by the European health authorities, the Phallosan device satisfies all medical requirements and carries the CE symbol of approval.
  • Permanent penis enlargement – the only patented orthopedic system, the Phallosan device enlarges more than your penis but also your glans as the vacuum encompasses the whole penis and doesn’t apply tension behind the glans.


Supported by 10 years of research and experience in the field, it is easy to see why the Phallosan device can successfully help men to permanently and naturally increase their penis size by up 1.9 inches in length.

Ingeniously designed and comfortable to wear, unlike many penis enlargement devices on the market, you can comfortably wear the Phallosan device for up to 12 hours a day without anyone even knowing you are wearing it. And with the added protection of the stretch condom, you can confidently increase its pressure without experiencing pain.


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I was always worried about the length of my penis or lack of length would be more to the point. Most of us would like a longer penis. There is a veritable minefield of useless information aimed close to your penis but actually aimed more squarely at your pockets that you need to avoid first. It seemed to me that the penis I had been blessed with might need a bit of help to improve the size. There is so much information on the web it is hard to tell what is worth trying, so where does a bloke go to find out?

After extensive research it seems to me to be all about the amount of blood your heart can pump to your penis. The more you improve the blood flow through the soft mucus membrane of the penis the bigger the penis will become. The more blood flow the stiffer the erection will become. So it is all about which is the best way to improve the blood flow.

There are many products that claim instant results. This is a good way to sort out the rubbish. It is possible to make your penis grow bigger but it will not happen over night. I have made my penis two and three quarters of an inch longer but its taken me months rather than days and I have stuck at it. Even when things didn’t go quite has quickly as I expected. At first progress was less than swift but after a week the results started to stand out.

The best penis enlargement method that I found was the phallosan device. That helped pull blood to the penis soft tissues. I used this very powerful pump stretcher combination that came with good exercise program I followed rigorously every day with excellent results my overall length and girth have improved beyond my wildest expectations the device was not expensive compared to other more fancy full penis enlargement products marketed online today.

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