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Anyone that has been raised in the western hemisphere particularly in the United States has been repeatedly exposed to the notion that ‘bigger is better.’ While this mindset is typically applied to houses cars boats jewelry and any other physical possession this line of thinking has also been implemented into the size of a man’s penis as well. Additionally there has been a wide array of rumors that circulate concerning male penis size. While many times larger men will have larger penises the rumors that a man with large feet nose or fingers will have a larger penis are certainly untrue.

But does penis size actually make a difference when having sex? For many women including Jennifer who was recently interviewed on the matter the answer is ‘yes!’ Jennifer recently stated ‘The size of a guy’s penis really does matter to me. I’ve been with guys that have large penises and I have found that the ones that are larger than average tend to satisfy me much more than ones of average or small size. In fact even if a guy doesn’t know what he is doing at all in bed can still be good as long as his penis is large enough.’ She goes on to state ‘Women that prefer smaller penises have got to be the exception rather than the rule as any woman I have ever talked to about the subject clearly enjoy a larger penis whether they will admit it to the men in their lives or not.’

Studies show that the average penis size of a human man is between five and seven inches long. Jennifer recounts an experience with a man who had a penis that she estimates to have been about five inches long erect ‘He had a stub of a penis. I just couldn’t feel anything. I ended up going to the bathroom after it was all over and satisfying myself. I don’t ever want to have to do that again because I felt like I was lying to him and myself. It is just better if the guy has a larger penis to begin with.’

Even men that are exceptional in bed in every other way are less likely to fully satisfy a woman if they have a smaller penis. Many women complain that they can’t feel anything with a slender short penis no matter how talented the man attached to it may be. Of course there are men that are ‘length-challenged’ that are able to be good lovers but for the most part they are few and far between and being equipped with a larger penis would make them even more exceptional to their partners.

What comes as a surprise to many men is that it is the girth of the penis that matter most to women rather than the length. The ideal penis width according to many women is one that effectively stretches their vaginal opening and that can be felt inside their body with each thrust each time they have sex. Jennifer adds ‘I would rather feel a shorter thicker penis inside me than a longer thin penis that hits my cervix.’

Over 200 hundred other women surveyed agree with Jennifer. A startling 97.4% stated that girth is what mattered over length and that a thin long penis is actually something of a nuisance because the only real touching that it makes with the vagina is that of poking their cervix which without rubbing the vaginal walls is just more annoying than anything.

Ethnicity seems to play a part in penis size as well. As confirmed by Jennifer ‘African-American guys seem to be better endowed than other nationalities and seem to be much more confident in bed to boot. I think this is because they already know that their penises are larger than average. Even if the guy’s penis was a little smaller that confidence is sexy. And black men aren’t that much better hung than Caucasian guys. And Asian guys aren’t far behind. But the confidence level that they possess from knowing that their penises are adequate ensures that they are good lovers.’

In conclusion while penis size is important to women it may not be in the way that most men think it is. Girth is much more favored by women than length and confidence and ability in the bedroom coupled with that girth can make any man a success in the bedroom.

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