Nitric Oxide And Your Erection


Nitric Oxide and Your Erection


nitric oxideScientists have made rapid advances in the understanding of some really complex biochemical reactions that take place during successful erection, Demonstrating for the first time the biochemical and the neurological mechanisms for continuously producing nitric oxide that maintains a usable erection . published in the March 19 issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences discovered that the release of nitric oxide from nerve endings inside the penis are the very first trigger of an erection, but the temporary release of nitric oxide – a neurotransmitter that is only capable of surviving just a few micro seconds before breaking down and being removed – couldn’t alone explain how erections are naturally sustained . Nitric oxide released from nerve endings triggers erection, freshly oxygenated blood vessels entering the soft mucus membranes release more nitric oxide to harden and maintain a usable erection. Fresh blood pumped into the penis,is the source of the replenished nitric oxide. Blood vessels are continuously removing depleted blood and replacing it with freshly oxygenated blood so that more nitric oxide is released, more tissue relaxes, more blood comes in and a sustained erection is achieved by the re circulation of well oxygenated blood throughout the penis, Erections are triggered for many reasons erotic thoughts or external physical stimulus produces nitric oxide release in nerve endings in the penis.

Nitric oxide in the body


Nitric oxide is used by the body as a relaxant that allows blood vessels to expand or dilate, leading to increased blood flow and swelling of the softer tissues. The flow of blood also courses stress on the vessel walls which stimulates the release of even more nitric oxide. This time it is from cells in the wall of the blood vessel – the endothelial cells – rather than from nerves. Endoplasmic nitric oxide causes more tissue to relax and the process repeats until the penis is fully erect. Finding this source, a special form of the enzyme called endothelial nitric oxide synthesis  and the realization that the increased pressure of blood against a vessel wall could induce it to produce nitric oxide, were critical pieces of the research into the complex biochemical physiology of erectile function In addition to its application towards new and improved therapies for erectile dysfunction,like male extra supplement , this new understanding of nitric oxide’s roll in maintaining a usable erection will improve life for so many .

In addition to its application towards new and improved therapies for erectile dysfunction


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