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The totally organic compound is firstly designed to penetrate the epidermis leaving the skin cells soft and easily expanded the second active compound will penetrate deeper to deposit protein directly to the walls of the soft inner membranes promoting growth and increasing blood flow around the penis and the surrounding areas to allow maximum and optimum erection potential.

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As Instant Performer makes sure you are always as hard and ready. Rubbing the oil in to the penis as the formulation is rapidly absorbed right to the cells where you need it the most for amazingly hard erections. The oil takes a mere 40 seconds to kick in, there is no need to wait with anticipation, and you can have truly great sex just when you want it. There is no other product available quite as much fun and as potent as instant performer.

The oil will keep on working steadily for up to two hours, that’s two hours of unadulterated pleasure for you and for her! It is completely safe, no nasty surprises and every tube contains a whole month’s supply! With Instant Performer you can be as discreet as you like, not a soul has to know what’s behind your dynamite performance no-one will ever guess! What’s more, when you purchase Instant Performer, shipping is completely free and you receive generous bonus gifts with every order. And a full 180 day money back guarantee you are buying a top quality product that delivers on its promises. Better sex can be yours today, don’t delay, have the sex life you’ve been waiting for!


As mentioned above instant performer work in just 40 seconds would u like to have the power to please any woman at anytime in your pocket? and its so discrete no one will ever need to the secret behind your raging erections an your secret to satisfying her for up to 2 hours with every application. instant performer

there are no nasty chemicals all the ingredients in instant performer are from mother nature herself in fact many of the ingredients come from the humble pomegranate mother natures natural Viagra why not order your tube of instant performer today and become the wizard in the sheets you’ve always wanted to be have women talking bout your sexual prowess and get laid more often in the process plus you have a full 180 day money back guarantee.

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How confident will you feel knowing you can perform whenever you want? To know that you can always get a big, firm and impressive erection?

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So are there any other options left open to you?

You could take the wonder drug Viagra but then you would have to get ready for a whole range of side affects from blurred vision lose bowels headaches and Viagra has been known to cause death in people!!

you could take many of the cheap alternatives to Viagra available on the internet but who knows what they put in them? and there is never any certainty how long they will take to kick in in could be as long as 3hrs and who wants that?


or you can carry on living in doubt and frustration afraid to take that new hot babe in the office out because of your sexual uncertainty! or you could order instant performer today. Think of it as an INSURANCE POLICY maybe at the min your lucky and don’t really need it but what happens when you DO need it.

instant performer Imagine you’ve been to the club picked up a really hot chick but you’ve had one to many drinks Disaster!!!!! no erection its just sat there looking at you all limp like spaghetti that’s when your secret stash of instant performer comes to the rescue a few squirts rub it in and BOOM no more Mr Floppy you can take that girl into the bedroom and give her the best sex she’s ever had and leave her satisfied and wanting more and more you know she’ll be coming back for second helpings and you’ll be all she can talk about for days.
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How to grow a bigger penis

ever looked at yourself naked in the mirror and thought I wish I was a little bit bigger in the trouser department well as I’m sure your aware it is a question that men have been asking themselves for century’s.

Although tested methods to actually grow a bigger penis a lot of them required you to put some hard work in and actually stick to some sort of training program however with the wonder of modern science it is no longer the case when can exploit the things around us that mother nature has given to us and extract the potent ingredients inside fruits and nuts, berries and target them all in one capsule so the body can get to work faster on helping improve both size and girth of your penis.

There are other free methods of enlarging your penis but when you combine both a small exercise plan and male enhancement pills. You can be sure that you have hit on a way to grow a bigger penis.

I will explain a few exercises below for you to add in your how to grow a bigger penis regime

The Wake up Cloth is a simple exercise for helping to grow a bigger penis. To practice this you will need a cloth or small towel and just a little warm water. find an ample sized face cloth or flannel Wet it with warm water until it is wet through and hot,but not so hot as to scold you make sure it is still manageable. Then take the cloth and wrap it around your penis and testicles. This may feel strange, but this ends very quickly and is easy to get used to. Keep the cloth in place for about a minute. When your minute is up run the cloth under warm water and repeat the same steps once again holding it for two minutes. If after the two minute. This step is more effective in penis enlargement.

The above exercise works by increasing blood flow into your penis and hence enlarging the tissues and capillaries that transport blood. In essence your training your penis to let more blood in resulting in a bigger penis

When you combine this exercise as I have with the best male enhancement pill MALE EXTRA you start to see results fast not many companies that deal with male enhancement are so confident that they offer you a full 180 money back guarantee it contains all natural ingredients pomegranate for example as it is widely know in the scientific community to increase nitric oxide with is a must for harder bigger firmer erections and there’s five hundred milligrams of this and other natural ingredients in every serving capsule. You don’t even have to do the exercise mentioned above just take the pill and see results fast over 100,000 men world wide buy male extra regularly that figure speaks for its self if you wan to know more about either male extra or how to grow a bigger penis please visit my site we have a wide range of products for you to chose from as well as Instant performer