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There are natural processes that actually result in the increase, and these at the age of puberty. What basically happens is that at this important stage, the body produces nutrients and bio chemicals. These are transferred to the penis through the body. A penis has natural receptors in it. When these nutrients and bio chemicals interact with these receptors, chemical reactions occur that lead to the increase in the size. At the end of puberty, these reactions simply cease to occur, and the natural size of the penis is the size that is after puberty.

So how can you increase penis size ? One way to do is during the period of puberty. There are exercises that help matters by retaining the bio chemicals for a longer period of time. At this stage, this process is occurring naturally and it is possible to increase penis size. After the passage of this stage, things become rather difficult. The issue is that most men realize that they want to increase penis size much later, so this is not really a viable option.

We are not, however at a dead end, and if you want to you can still increase penis size. There are some logical methods. The first one is to induce the body to produce the same nutrients and bio chemicals that were produced during puberty so that the process of growth can continue naturally. This is possible, and it is done, and may result in a significant increase in the size.

The second method is to go for a surgery. Medicine has reached a position today where it can do almost everything, and it definitely can increase penis size if you want to do that. These surgeries are not uncommon, and they do take place, but the thing is that is you want to go for such surgeries; you better have lots of money in your bank because such surgeries are very expensive. At the same time, you also run a risk: most probably the surgery will lead to an increase in the size, but there is the other side to the picture and the surgery could very well go wrong and could even lead to impotency. This is a very big risk.

The third method is the exercises that help increase penis size. Stretching is one form of exercise that could result in a longer phallus, but we use the word could because again the risk is quite big. If the stretching exercise goes wrong, there could be some serious damage and very painful circumstances: for instance it could result in impotence and cause a problem with sexual health, the skin could tear up and the blood vessels could be damaged, which is the cause of a bent penis. This would not only be most embarrassing, it would also be very painful.

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The only way to help sufferers of small penile syndrome is to offer the ability to extend there penis  by way of reproducing penile cell tissue which can be achieved best through the  use of SIZE GENETICS this grade one medical device .

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Small Penile Syndrome

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