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How To Grow A Bigger Penis

Grow a Bigger Penis brings you MaleExtra The Best performing Male Enhancement pill In The World.

Here at grow a bigger penis we have noted that science has progressed to the point that we are now able to make great advances in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and micro penis disorder. Both can be effectively treated today with modern medicines.

Ever looked at yourself naked in the mirror and thought I wish I was a little bit bigger in the trouser department well as I’m sure your aware its a question that men have been asking themselves for century’s which is the best way to grow a bigger penis.

Although there are tried and tested methods to actually grow a bigger penis a lot of them require you to put some hard work in  and actually stick to some sort of training program however with the wonder of modern science can exploit the things that mother nature has given to us and extract the potent ingredients inside fruits and nuts, berries and target them all in one capsule so the body can get to work faster on helping improve both size and girth of your penis.

There are other free methods you can make use of to grow a bigger penis  when you combine both a  small exercise plan and male enhancement pills you can be sure that you’ve hit on a sure fire way to grow a bigger penis.

I will explain a few exercises below for you to add in your how to grow a bigger penis regime

The Wake up Cloth is a simple exercise for helping to grow a bigger penis. To perform this you will need a cloth or small towel and just a little warm water. find an ample sized face cloth or flannel Wet it with warm water until it is wet through and hot,but not so hot as to scold you make sure it is still manageable. Then take the cloth and wrap it around your penis and testicles. This may feel strange, but this ends very quickly and is easy to get  used to. Keep the cloth in place for about a minute. When your minute is up run the cloth under warm water and repeat  the same steps once again holding it for 1-2 minutes. This above step is more effective in helping you to grow a bigger penis.

The above exercise works by increasing blood flow into your penis and hence enlarging the tissues and capillaries that transport blood. In essence your training your penis to let more blood in resulting in a bigger penis

When you combine this exercise as I have with the best male enhancement pill MALEEXTRA you start to see results fast not many companies that deal with male enhancement are so confident that they offer you a full 180 money back guarantee it contains all natural ingredients pomegranate for example as it is widely know in the scientific community to increase nitric oxide with is a must for harder bigger firmer erections and there’s 500mg of this and other natural ingredients in every serving capsule to grow a bigger penis  you don’t even have to do the exercise mentioned above just take the pill and see results fast over 100,000 men world wide buy MaleExtra regularly that figure speaks for its self if you want to know more about either male extra or how to grow a bigger penis we have a wide range of products for you to chose from to help you grow a bigger penis safely.

Enhancement products to grow a bigger penis are readily available today male extra is the worlds best selling brand why? it is the easiest to use and it out performs the rest when it comes to enlargement of the penis . MALEEXTRA increases oxygenated blood to the penis using effective safe proven natural compounds . What you need to know. Understanding how MaleExtra works will help when you start to take the program to grow a bigger penis male extra pills will increase your penis size if taken consistently and you follow the instructions provided and finish the course of supplements you will succeed and grow a bigger penis.

For the first time ever, you can purchase the most powerful male enhancement formula ever created!
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For the first time ever, you can purchase the most powerful male enhancement formula ever created MaleExtra

With 1500mg of highly potent fresh ingredients, a massive 90 pills per box, a brand new formulation based on clinical studies and ‘natures natural V

iagra’ (Pomegranate 70% Ellagic) you are virtually guaranteed to be the biggest and best your lover has ever experienced.

“Free Penis Health™ DVD with all orders!
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Imagine standing fully naked and looking at yourself in a full length mirror – are you happy with what you see? Would you prefer a few extra inches so you hang lower, fatter and fuller? The MaleExtra system can give you that

Combine MaleExtra with our easy to use exercises to easily:

Enlarge your penis by up to 3 inches in length & girth!
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These are not our words but the words of our customers. Our unique, highly potent male virility formulation is ONLY available from this site and is the only formula with the mind blowing power of Pomegranate 70% ellagic combined with other proven male enhancement ingredients that will make you grow a bigger penis.

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Let’s face it, there are very few men in the world who can honestly say they wouldn’t want a larger penis or to be a better lover. If you consider yourself big enough, or a real Casanova, great. But just remember, your partner might not agree . . . despite what they tell you.

Is it REALLY worth taking the chance?

It doesn’t really matter how great your relationship is now, if your partner is continually disappointed, the “Don’t worry, I love you the way you are” comments will dry up and you’ll eventually pay the price.

And it’s not just about size, maybe you suffer from erection problems or premature ejaculation. Maybe you struggle to ‘rise to the occasion’ sometimes.

Or perhaps age has sent your hormone levels into a downward spiral, which can have a massive effect on your performance

Of course it’s not your fault. But the cause doesn’t really matter.

Your partner could easily misinterpret your lack of performance and what seems like lack of desire, as not finding them attractive or desirable.


Yep . . . another relationship breaker.

But just imagine the difference it would make if you could add 2” or more to the length to your penis. If you could become truly rock hard at will. If you could control yourself with ease and pleasure her ALL night.

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That would all be worth its weight in gold, wouldn’t it?

Word of warning. MaleExtra is powerful, it works and we suggest you warn your girlfriend before using our system because results can come FAST! A bigger, longer, thicker penis and rock hard erections – basically a new you.

Introducing . . . MaleExtra
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MaleExtra is a fully guaranteed complete penis enlargement & male enhancement system. It includes a highly potent male enhancement formula & PenisHealth™ enlargement exercises.

If you want to increase the size of your penis and drastically improve your sex life, MaleExtra really is everything you need to grow a bigger penis.

And MaleExtra truly is the most powerful male enhancement formula available.

Based on scientific studies, anecdotal evidence and 9 years experience in the male enhancement sector, our formula is a MASSIVE 1500mg of the highest potency, most powerful ingredients. Which when blended together give you all the life changing male enhancement you’ll ever need.

That’s because to see the results from certain ingredients you NEED to be taking ENOUGH of them, otherwise you will not see the effects promised.

Laughably, we have even seen competitors claim on their site that they have managed to reduce their formula from 3 pills to 1 pill!??

What they have ACTUALLY done is reduced the tablets in their packets to save their costs and make more money during the credit crunch! Why settle for less?

Worldwide delivery – Order MaleExtra today to grow a bigger penis .

And obviously DRASTICALLY reduced their effectiveness in the process. DON’T LET THEM CON YOU. Less is NOT more , less is a complete waste of time and money!

We would love to tell you the competitors that do this but we are not allowed to. Needless to say, check their website… How many pills are there per serving?

“I have read loads of medical studies which claim that bigger penises, harder erections and increased ejaculate can help to boost your fertility, but I never really believed them until I tried MaleExtra. Within 3 months of trying this nutritious supplement, my wife is happier and I am a whole 1.4 inches longer. I didn’t expect  to grow a bigger penis quite so quickly it worked so fast.”

Clive Nole, Dentist, USA, Washington

Do they show the actual MG of ingredient content?

Are they selling the impossible? No pill on its own will enlarge your penis BUT our system of MaleExtra and PenisHealth exercises can.

Our ‘so called’ competitors offer 300mg-1000mg per serving . . .
this is simply NOT enough for the results you desire


Strangely enough, many of our competitors alsofail to list the MG count of their individual ingredients. Why do you think THAT is?

Usually to hide the fact that they fill their capsules with the cheap, ineffective ingredients.

The root of the plant for example, might not contain the active ingredient that the clinical studies have been based on. But because this ingredient is much cheaper, some companies choose to use this instead.

Then they call it a “proprietary formula,” a practice commonly referred to as “label decoration” by industry insiders. We on the other hand, actually tell you the quantity of the ingredients in our product and the active parts of those ingredients.

And the reason we do that is simple . . .

We have nothing to hide, due to the fact we only use
the most powerful ingredients, the freshest
and in the most effective quantities.

There is no comparison. Nobody can argue with the facts. MaleExtra is the only male enhancement product to contain the remarkable Pomegranate 70% <ellagic. The only one to offer a massive 1500mg per serving. The only one to offer more bang for your buck (90 pills instead of 30 or 60).

The only one to offer a proven penis enlargement DVD AND the only one to back up our claims with a 90 day risk free money back guarantee.

A complete and proven system GUARANTEED
to help you to grow a bigger penis !

Now this is extremely important. MaleExtra is offering you something very different. We are offering you the COMPLETE system (penis enlargement and male enhancement) for cheaper than you may think…..

MaleExtra is a proven system,to grow a bigger penis consisting of two part formula to grow a bigger penis faster.

  • The powerful ingredients in the capsules to help improve the blood flow.
    These are exhaustively researched and proven to give you rock solid, larger and long lasting erections.
  • The incredibly effective penis health exercises, which will give you permanent, noticeable penis enlargement.
    These are extremely easy to do, take very little time and start working very quickly.

FACT: No pill alone will give you penis enlargement. So don’t be fooled
into other companies telling you it can.

The COMPLETE penis enlargement & male enhancement system


There have been many myths about penis enlargement not being possible, and it has been made worse by the market being flooded with lousy and inferior products.

However, the reality is that penis enlargement is possible through simple to follow exercises and only requires as little as 8 minutes a day!

Is 8 minutes a day, a few days a week a lot to ask for in exchange for a future with a huge penis and a better sex life? Much like a body builder, regular exercise through the Penis Health program can make your penis longer, wider AND stronger!so why not try some to grow a bigger penis yourself.

Penis enlargement is not a myth and by using Penis-Health™ to increase the amount of blood your penis can hold you have a safe, yet extremely effective method of enlargement that other techniques cannot match.

Male Extra will give you bigger, harder erections; mind blowing multiple orgasms and outstanding control and stamina. But only a simple, easy to do exercise program like Penis-Health can give you a bigger penis by up to 3 inches.

And as the pills increase the blood flow, the exercises become even more effective and within weeks you’ll enjoy the smug confidence and ego boosting sexual performance grow a bigger penis the most effective way.

Of course if you don’t want to do the exercises you will still see bigger and harder erections, far more intense orgasms and porn star control and stamina

Rest assured MaleExtra includes ONLY
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We didn’t want to cut corners. The MaleExtra formula had to be quite simply, the best available, way to grow a bigger penis.

Yes, we knew the quality you need for outstanding results would cost a little more. But if cost is your primary issue, at the expense of proven effectiveness, we have plenty of competitors you can waste your money on.

But our exhaustive research revealed the most effective, scientifically proven ingredients, to include in our ultimate formula, irrespective of price:

Pomegranate 70% ellagic 500mg:

We are the first to include Pomegranate 70% ellagic in our formula. Everyone knows it works like ‘natural Viagra’ but the ingredient is INCREDIBLY EXPENSIVE so our ‘competitors’ do not include it!

It is an expensive ingredient, but we know when you see results then you will spread the word. MaleExtra includes a massive 500mg of pure Pomegranate 70% ellagic per daily serving. Pomegranate when blended with our unique formulation is MEGA powerful.

Proven to increase erection hardness and help with erection difficulties. Studies have found pomegranate works in a way similar to Viagra by increasing nitric oxide (NO) involved in maintaining the health of your blood vessels. Click here to read The Sun newspaper article.

The Sun newspaper is the largest newspaper in the UK. This article was published while we were doing our research into the sexual powers of pure Pomegranate 70% Ellagic.

Is your unique formula just Pomegranate 70% Ellagic??

No. Pomegranate 70% Ellagic is just one part of our unique male enhancement formula. It is the turbo boost of the formula, the new part of the formula which gives you the extra kick you want.The mix of Pomegranate 70% Ellagic and our other proven ingredients gives you something special, something never seen before – the most powerful formula available!

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Just in case you need a recap:

  • Full penis enlargement AND male enhancement system.
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While you are deciding, the best way to grow a bigger penis other men have already made the decision… Isn’t it time you caught up? Why be average when you can become the ultimate sexual machine with the help of MaleExta.

  • 3 pills equals 1500mg dosage compared to our competitors 500-1000mg!
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You can now see how completely effective and powerful MaleExtra really is, I’m sure you’re ready to place your order. But we insist on taking all the risk out of your purchase.

Try MaleExtra with our secure 180 day guarantee!

Order MaleExtra TODAY and try knowing that you are covered by out 180 day guarantee. If it doesn’t give you the results we’ve promised after using it as directed . . . simply send it back and we’ll give you a fast 100% refund.

Yes, your purchase is totally protected.

That’s because we know you’ll be completely satisfied and so will your lover! So what about the price?

Well of course you get what you pay for and we have shown you that MaleExtra is the most powerful male enhancement formula you can buy.

By all means compare our competitors products but to be honest . . . you’ll be wasting your time.

Don’t fall for the “less is more” story or puny doses of inactive ingredients. MaleExtra’s 1500mg dosage compared to our competitors 500-1000mg is obviously up to 3 times more powerful.

“Since incorporating MaleExtra’s nutritional pills with their PenisHealth exercises, I am now able to maintain erections for longer, experience stronger more intensified orgasms and have boosted my penis size by an additional inch. Awesome!”

Nigel Stout, Broker, Australia

Once again, if price is the determining factor for you, then we’ll see you back here once you’ve been disappointed with your ‘bargain buy’ and limp performance from one of our competitors products.

But if you want to get it right first time . . .

You’re about to discover MaleExtra is actually
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If you want to have harder, longer, erections and better sexual stamina all year round how much is this worth to you? The best sex of your life, every single time?

More confidence and women than you could ever have imagined? You will be surprised to know, that MaleExtra is available from just….. £19.84 per months supply when you purchase our 12 Month Package and only £51.17 if you want to try MaleExtra for 1 month.

The more you order, the better the value. Why? Because to include INCREDIBLY EXPENSIVE ingredients like Pomegranate Ellagic Acid 70%, 66% more pills than our competitors and a massive 1500mg per serving we need to sell volume to get discounts from our ingredient producers.

So we reward your higher order volume with discounted prices. If you choose the 1 month supply, this is fine – we know you will be back for more later!

Remember you can try MaleExtra RISK free for 90 days. If you choose the 12 month package, try the product for 90 days and want to return the product then you will receive a refund on all 12 boxes. Easy and risk free. We believe in our product, we know the ingredients are unrivaled and we know you will be happy with the results!

All orders include free shipping and an host of bonuses are available:

Other bonuses include more sexual health DVD’s, online access to LoveCentria ‘the online Great Sex guide’, online access to and free boxes of MaleExtra with our 12 month package.

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please read the review about growing a bigger penis here on male extra and size genetics

Many men try to avoid the topic of penile size. Most of these men are insecure in that department. They hide in public showers or saunas to avoid the ridicule of the other men around them. Sometimes it can get to a point where they have ‘penis envy’.

This condition is either genetic or a side effect of steroids. Either way, it is serious enough to cause depression or anxiety. Men with this problem shy away from females and refuse to enter into meaningful relationships. This is a serious problem that needs to be addressed before it takes over the lives of its victims.

There are men who prefer drastic enhancement methods that require surgery. This can lead to scars and mutilate the entire organ if not performed correctly. This procedure is complicated and it may cause more harm than good. You need to understand that  how to grow a bigger penis  dose not  require  the help of the surgeons knife. penis growth can be stimulated by increased blood flow to the area. There are various products that can offer you that without any surgery required.

Try a penis traction device. It produces fast results and has been used in the field of medicine for many purposes. It works by creating new cells and promoting skin growth to the area it is applied to. With continued use, you will observe a significant increase in length, width and density. The constant traction causes your penis to gradually lengthen Measurements have improved by an estimated two to three inches in length and width. It should be used for about six months to obtain the best results. The most important feature of this device is that your penis will not shrink over time. The results will be permanent.

Penis pills are the newest product available in the market. the best of them is male extra It is cheaper than other less effective pills that makes it more affordable. It can be discreetly  delivered to your home. It is best used with the exercise program to achieve significant results. This also gives permanent results to the overall length of the erect penis you should never use more than the recommended amount of pills in any twenty four hour period.

Pills to enhance your penis can also be taken to solve your erection problem. Growth enhancement pills have developed a bad track record over the last few years. Many companies have produced pills most of them cheep copies of male extra that did not live up to their promise. There are a few that actually work like male extra especially if taken by someone who has a traction device. The pills promote the rapid healthy growth of the tissue surrounding the area. They also speed up the recovery process of the cellular structure of the penis.

Some people opt for penis exercises. Instead of spending a large amount on pills and devices, penis health work-outs are safe, effective and all natural. They increase the blood flow to the area just like traction devices do. They should be properly executed to achieve the best results. Improper execution can also lead to penile injury. offer packages that include videos and instruction manuals to help you get the penis of your dreams. grow bigger penis. have a wide range of top selling penis stretchers pumps and creams even if you have a massive penis we can still provide you with instant performer erection oil whatsoever your needs you will find help ans show you the most effective way how to grow a bigger penis safely

Use whatever method that you feel comfortable with. Before you begin, consult a doctor especially if you have other health conditions. ask if the way you have decided how to grow a bigger penis will suit you.

We have seen the commercials on TV, sometimes a direct message of how to grow a bigger penis using the product advertised, or a more subtle one in which the newly “enhanced” male is more popular at parties, is somehow more intelligent and does better at golf all thanks to a penis enhancement pill.

Enhancing the length and girth of the penis is hardly a new trend. Methods have ranged from exercises to stretching devices to surgery. Nevertheless, the recent explosion of taking specific pills dedicated to male “enhancement” has led to a rash of misinformation and questions about the effectiveness of the products. So far, there have been very few studies done in that particular field, so the results claimed by taking a penis enhancement pill are mostly based on anecdotal (or personal stories) evidence.

Most health professionals will tell you that if your are not impotent and your penis is long enough to “do the job” so to speak, then you shouldn’t either waste money on products that don’t work or worse yet, run the risk of doing permanent damage.

Here are a few examples of penile enhancement treatments and their relative effectiveness.

Pills: Currently the most popular and widely advertised treatment to grow a bigger penis. The results from a scientific standpoint have been decidedly mixed at best.

The most recent trend is pills based on the use of amino acids, which have been used by bodybuilders to improve endurance and recovery time. A positive side effect of amino acid pills is that they help dilate or expand the blood vessels, which has shown positive results for some men with erectile dysfunction. But for those looking for permanent enlargement, none of the studies that have been conducted have verified those results. Therefore, the consumer does have to be careful when purchasing some of these products.

One danger that has arisen is pills that were discovered to contain contaminants like bacteria, pesticides, lead, and even fecal matter in certain cases.

Penile Pump: A device that has a long history and thanks to the Austin Powers film series, a movie career as well. The pump works by placing the penis in a vacuum where is air is pumped out, thus expanding the blood vessels inside the penis. This method has been most effective for some men who suffer from impotence, but there have been a few studies that show the pump can also have positive, enlarging effect. The drawback though is that the penis can be permanently vascular damaged if the vacuum is too strong or held for a long time.

Stretching: There are devices on the market that promise to add desired length to the penis and there have actually been studies done that show noticeable improvement in length. In 2009, a study done in Britain using a unique, pre-constructed device actually lengthened the penis in several individuals who took part. However, these individuals had unusually short penile length, so the study cannot confirm if such a method would work on men of normal size, which generally runs from 4 to 6 inches. These are but a few of many examples that promise how grow a bigger penis .

Based on the evidence, products like a penis enhancement pill has not proven to be the most successful, but may be less effective than other methods, to increase penis size for you. Penis stretchers seem to work the fastest. The rolls Royce of penis stretchers would in my opinion be the phallosan device and a good second choice would be the ultimate stretcher it is inexpensive but still manages to give you permanent way how to grow a bigger penis

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